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Industrial SMEs (SECURELEC and SOCEM) established in 1954 and located
in Northern France on a 7 000m² site.

Designer and manufacturer of transformers, inductors and derivatives, we are 30 people distributed between our design office, our administrative department (purchases and ADV) and our production workshop. We realize a turnover of more than 3 and a half million euros (National, Export and Indirect Export). We offer a wide range of products up to 2 MVA dry type that is integrated in many stationary or embedded applications.



Our historical customers




Discover what characterizes us as a manufacturer.

  • Recognized expertise
  • Special test platform, among the first to offer aluminum windings, different atmospheres - tropicalized - fire - smoke - high T °
  • An ability to develop customized products
  • A computerized industrial process (CAD-CAD-MES)
  • Our continuous improvement approach (Lean Manufacturing)
  • Our ISO 9001 version 2015 certification
  • Our often appreciated reactivity (stock - logistics)


We also offer packaged solutions :

Power supplies

630 KW 1500V (Catener power supply).

Specific solutions

Test and simulation platforms.

Voltage regulators

Our range ferro-resonant type regulators.

Our means of production

Here is the presentation of our main production areas

Winding, Impregnation, Magnetic circuit assembly and calibration, Wiring, Integrations, Test laboratories, Storage and Packaging & logistics

  • Wiring areas consisting of 16 machines for aluminum and copper conductors (round wires - flats - litz wires - strip).
  • Impregnation, treatment and tropicalization area: 5 vacuum and pressure impregnation stands, and soaking - 4 cooking ovens - 1 tropicalization cabin.
  • Magnetic circuit areas: Loading and assembly of all types of magnetic cores - Automatic welding machines and welding station.
  • Wiring areas for transformers and inductors: Wiring on terminals - Installation of terminal blocks - Assembly of bars.
  • Integration areas in boxes, cabinets: assembly and handling.
  • Accessories and integration wiring areas: circuit breakers - fuses - switches - disconnectors - monitoring system (measurement - control - supervision) - chassis.
  • Test and control platform: 4 electrical sources - Tests up to 50 kVolts - Factory acceptance - Reports, diagnostics, tests and developments.
  • Packaging area: Realization of packaging and custom packaging according to the country of export and protection criterias (example: SEI 4C).
  • Logistics sourcing: Study of express transport, dedicated and with or without unloading.
  • Finished products storage area: This allows rapid delivery because we have a method of organizing and managing the production of our transformers and chokes to offer "just in time" delivery.