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We have an internal engineering office to design PLUG & PLAY transformers incorporating all the necessary accessories to facilitate the installation, compliance and wiring on sites according to your needs.


  • Electrical protection by integrated circuit breakers,
  • Box with the colors of your machines,
  • Input and output connection cables,
  • Track rollers,
  • Maintenance switch,
  • and other products on demand...

Securelec Socem

Engineering office


Results that matter

Some highlights of our engineering office

If you are looking for information about our engineering office, data about the company and its history, here are some indicators...


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Plug&play manufacturing



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Specific studies per year
The SECURELEC SOCEM technical team is at your disposal for your projects

Specializing in the transformer, auto transformer, dry type inductor,
we design and manufacture equipments in many fields of activities.